Jeep tour „Golden ring of Semirechie“ 12 days

Jeep tour „Golden ring of Semirechie“ are exciting, comfortable and unforgettable. We will take you to see the most delicate and secluded spots in Kazakhstan, truly unique in the world and show you the best our country has to offer. Driving across Kazakhstan’s lands is the best way to discover vast steppes, grazing herds, clear lakes, rapid rivers, ancient burial mounds and the incredible beauty of the mountain peaks and take an authentic glimpse into nomadic life.

Duration of the tour: 12 days.

Seasonality: from April to October.

Meals and accommodation on the route: Cooking in the nature, independently by tourists or our professional chef. Overnight in tents. Possible accommodation in guest houses (Kolsai, Kaindy, Altyn Emel).

Route: Almaty – Tuyuksu valley – Turgen Gorge – Assy Plateau – Charyn Canyon – Lake Kayindy – Lake Kolsay – Temirlik Canyon – National park Altyn Emel – Ili-river – Almaty.


Day 1. Almaty – Tuyuk-su area

Meeting at the airport. City tour of Almaty. Lunch at the restaurant. Drive along the Lesser Almaty Gorge to the place called Tuyuksu Gates, which is 6 km further than Shymbulak high-mountain ski resort. Setting up a camping area. Overnight in tents at an altitude of 2600 m.

 Day 2 Tuyuk-su Gorge – Turgen Gorge

After the breakfast we move up a mountain road along the Lesser Almaty River. There are huge 600-meter rocky cliffs on the left with a several difficult climbing routes. After about an hour we reach Mynzhilki sill dam with a meteorological station next to it. That is the point where the road will head uphill and there will be a clearly marked path heading up steep the grassy ridge to Alpengrad. Alpengrad is a large flat field located at an altitude of 3450m above the sea level. That’s one f the best ways to see Tuyuk-su glacier and all surrounding peaks from above. That’s the ending point of our trip. After taking some rest and having a meal we start walking down. In the second half of the day we set off from the camping area and drive towards the Turgen gorge. On the way to Turgen gorge we stop by Issyk kurgan (burial grave), an open air museum. World famous “Golden man” was discovered in one of the mounds of Issyk kurgan. The road extends deep into the gorge along the overflowing Turgen river. Then we move to Batan village to set up a camp next to it. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 3. Turgen Gorge – Assy Plateau

After breakfast we hike towards Kayrak Falls. It is 8 km from the mouth of Turgen River to Kayrak Falls along the mixed forest area. Falls drop over 55 meters and are actually three-tiered cascade falls although it’s hard to tell. It will take approximately 2.5-3 hours for the whole trek including stops. Walk down to the camp. In the second half of the day we drive across the  Assy Plateau. Setting up a camping area. Dinner and overnight in tents.

 Day 4. Assy Plateau – Red Canyon

Drive across Assy Plateau with short stops by the most scenic spots with small radially extending outlet where you can have a break after long drive and take some pictures. We reach the Red Mountains and set up the camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.

 Day 5: Red Canyon

A day trip towards the Red Mountains and set of ancient rock paintings. It will stir your imagination with it’s weird and colourful rock formations. This hike will take about 5-6 km. In the second part of the day you can do some fishing in a mountain river. This night we stay in the same place.

 Day 6. Red Canyon – Charyn Canyon

Drive from Assy Gorge to Bartogai Reservoir (you can swim there) and further drive to the famous Charyn Canyon. The canyon itself is a monument of nature formed with sedimentary rocks aged more than 12 million years. The height of the rocky cliffs reaches 150-300m, and it’s length exceeds 150km. You will enjoy a tour around the most picturesque part of the canyon – the Valley of Castles (4 km, 3 hours). Set up camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 7. Charyn Canyon – Kayindy Lake

Morning drive to Kaindy Lake. Walk around the lake. Walk down to Saty village. Accommodation in the guest house.

Lunch in national style. Today is a rest-day so you can do your laundry and dry your clothing. There’s also a wood fired sauna you can use. Dinner and overnight in a guest house.

Day 8. Saty Village – Kolsay Lake

Morning hike to the second Kolsai lake, the largest of three lakes (the length is more than 1km), 2250m above the sea level. We take some pictures, swim, and then go back to the first lake for the overnight. The total length of the tour is 12 km, 4-5 hours. You’re free to stay at the first lake and go fishing or boating.

Day 9. Kolsay Lake – Temirlik Canyon

This day is relatively relaxing day. Drive to Temirlik Canyon. We can take pictures while walking along the canyon. Canyon is as beautiful as Valley of Castles and is one of the most famous spots of the south-eastern Kazakhstan. Setting up the camp in the cool ash grove for the night.

Day 10. Kolsay Lake – Altyn Emel National Park

Morning drive to the Altyn-Emel National Park. Aktau and Kututau are fantastically colourful mountains formed as a result of weathering. We hike not more than 1 km that day. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 11. Altyn Emel National Park – Ili River

Excursion to the Singing dunes. Singing Dunes is a mountain of sand of light colors, has a length of 3 km and a height of 150 m. Singing Dunes is a phenomenon of nature, famous for the fact that when the weather is dry the sand dune emits a sound similar to the tune of organ. Drive to Ili River. Hike to of Tamgaly-tas petroglyphs. We can find lots of petroglyphs, images of deities and inscriptions in Sanskrit on these rocks. Those petroglyphs include approximately thousand rock images and the image of Buddha Sakyamuni is one of the most famous ones. Along with Buddhist images and stone inscriptions there is a rock with some ancient runic inscriptions dated VIII-IX centuries, presumably left by the Kipchaks. Tamgaly Tas is an open air Buddhist temple and is under the protection of the government of Kazakhstan as a cultural monument. Set the camp on the bank of Ili River. Dinner and shashlyks (kebabs).

Day 12. The Ili River – Almaty

Morning drive to the city. Lunch at the restaurant. Transfer to the airport.

End of program.

The cost is calculated individually, depending on the number of participants and the „set“ of services. You can send the application for this tour to the  –

Each member must hold an insurance certificate!


Equipment required:

  • trekking backpack (20-30 liters)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Telescopic trekking poles
  • Insulated travel flask or water bottle
  • Headlamp
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Personal hygiene facilities
  • Personal First Aid Kit

Footwear and clothing:

  • Trekking footwear
  • Sandals or Crocs
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Light overtrousers
  • Polartec Jacket 200
  • Trekking trousers
  • Poncho
  • Thermal underwear
  • Polartec gloves (1 pair)
  • Thermal socks (4-5 pairs)
  • Warm hat
  • Cap or panama hat

Jeep tour „Golden ring of Semirechie“ 12 days
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